Caring for your linen

Linen is a woven textile made from the fibres of the incredible flax plant. It is one of the oldest textiles in the world. Eco-friendly, breathable, linen is the perfect fabric for wearing during the summer as it has natural ability to regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool.

What we recommend

We recommend professionally dry cleaning your Elle-set-Grece pieces to ensure they maintain their beautiful shape and condition.


Your Elle-est-Grece linen and cotton pieces should be washed on a delicate, cool cycle (30 degrees should be the maximum temperature). If your clothes have trims or tassels we recommend placing them into a net laundry bag first, before placing them into the washing machine. Use no harsh chemicals or laundry detergents. We recommend using a detergent specifically for delicate fabrics. Do not crowd your washing machine, there shouldn't be too many items at once as this can pull the linen fabric out of shape. Wash with similar colours.

Hand washing in cool water is also recommended, be sure to hand wash your linen or cotton pieces only using a gentle swishing motion, never wring or twist them.

Do not wring your linen or cotton pieces, we recommend rolling each item into a towel to absorb excess water.


Always try to air dry your linen and cotton clothes flat, as hangers can create marks on the fabric causing the item to lose their original shape. Always away from direct sunlight as this can damage the colour of your pieces.
We love the natural wrinkles in our linen pieces but if you like to iron your linen clothes make sure they are damp, setting your iron to the linen setting and turning your garment inside out before ironing.

Properly caring for your linen pieces will keep them looking amazing for years to come.